Close Watch on Logistics Supply Chain Evolution over a Decade

Supply chain innovation is consistently developing over a decade, changes to address the issues of the worldwide supply chain, and offering huge advantages. We will take a close watch on Logistics & Supply chain Evolution happened over a decade.
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5G Technology

5G Technology is reforming logistics business

The next mobility revolution is here, and it could profoundly change how you offer logistics services. It’s Known as 5G (the fifth era of mobile innovation), a wide range of smart phones, connected gadgets will see immense upgrades in speed, responsiveness, capacity, and different regions. It will be broadly received over numerous industries, including logistics, and can possibly change how your logistics business currently works.
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Warehouse Cost Saving Strategy

Warehouse Cost Savings Strategies & Best Practices for Effective Labor Management

Reducing your costs, utilizing your employees and assets, and developing an environment of progress and commitment are key approaches to succeed in the present demanding business environment. The techniques are planned in light of these objectives – to help warehouse cost savings and implement best practice for more profitability.
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Emerging technology

Technology Trends in Logistics industry to Watch in 2020

New Year, New Spirit, New Ideas and New Opportunities: Logistics Trends 2020.
While delivery may have little to do with the nature of the items you sell, it is a fundamentally significant part of customer service just as your general brand reputation. Through out this logistics trends, to stay aggressive in the present online-shopping-crazed economy, the one central aspect numerous online businesses have the most to gain up all is in Order Fulfillment Optimization.
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FasTag Implementation

FASTag Implementation and Its effect on Indian Logistics Space

FASTags are prepaid rechargeable tags for toll collection that allow automatic payment deduction from the FASTags, they are generally fixed on the windscreen of the vehicle. With the aid of a FASTag, you won’t need to stop your vehicle at toll plazas to pay the toll. When the vehicle crosses the toll plaza, the toll charges will get deducted from the bank account/prepaid wallet connected to the FASTag affixed on the vehicle’s windscreen.
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Algorithmic Advancements & Use Of AI

Algorithmic Advancements and Fast-tracking the Use of AI in Logistics

Artificial Intelligence is now advancing our lives as consumers, presently it is picking up momentum in supply chain management and logistics. This post talks all about AI in logistics and supply chain has brought the things into picture.
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Autonomous Delivery Robot

Autonomous delivery robot is making door step delivery

The universe of delivery is changing, and with new advancements reforming the way that our products are delivered to us even more. There are countless organizations hoping to try out new technologies available to help streamline their delivery services much more. Here, we’re taking a glance at the future of door step delivery services to see where the future lies past standard delivery possibilities and package delivery.
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ERP Empowerment

ERP empowering more competent smart warehouse automation

While artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have gotten a lot of the spotlight recently, there is a third segment that is ending up progressively common in warehouses and manufacturing plants around the world, robots and process automation which is called Smart Warehouse.
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OMAN Logistics Industry

Oman logistics industry’s Trends & Transformation

The logistics industry in the Sultanate of Oman is experiencing a change to conquer infrastructure bottleneck, lack of investment in port handling capacity, and poor land transport network with other GCC nations. The Logistics segment is one of the main non-oil economic sectors and contributed real stake in the nation’s GDP, the government is hence enthused about promoting Oman as a main logistics center in the region.
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South Asia SAARC Logistics

SAARC Countries: Rising logistics industry can be proven business opportunities for global leaders

India’s consolidated trade with the seven SAARC countries and Myanmar climbed to 3.56 percent of total trade. The share of the neighborhood in total exports increased from 5.72 percent in FY14 to 7.75 percent in FY18, with Bangladesh and Nepal pulling up the averages. South Asia Logistics is to expand with impressive growth rate in coming years.
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