Online Customer Support

Best way to connect and maintain a good customer network

What are the things you can do to maintain a good customer network and ensure customer satisfaction :

Customer is the base of building a business and in this competitive market, service to the customer is the most important thing.
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Mobile Solution

Why Business are going for Mobile Solutions ?

LogixGrid provides solutions for enterprise mobility to maximize the potential of their services by enabling business transformation and effective customer engagement. Mobile technologies has been expanding at an rapid pace. Mobile solutions can optimize business processes and generate new business. Mobile solutions also helps in Maximizing productivity and business by continuous access to enterprise information, anytime, anywhere.
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SaaS ERP for Logistics

LogixERP is a Cloud based ERP designed specifically for the logistics. ERP comes with various integrated modules which enable end-to-end management of logistic business. Every organization is the ERP is classified based on their primary business – Courier; Transportation; Warehousing; Freight Forwarding. Based on the business different modules & features gets auto-activated in the ERP.
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Cloud Based Technology

Cloud is the new engine of business

Lots been written & predicted; how Cloud is re-shaping the business. Cloud is no longer seen as a cheap alternate, its now actively receiving focus from CIOs & CEOs. Small & Medium business (SMB) were the early adopter of Cloud products and still the biggest. From SMB Cloud offers easiness to have state-of-the-art IT infrastructure managing their business.
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Logistics moving to cloud

Why logistics moving to cloud

Till 2011, Cloud was considered to be a marketing hype and not much of companies were interested in it. However, lately companies has started realizing the benefits that cloud products will bring to them. Cloud based products offer benefits like Cost Advantage, Visibility into Cash Outflow, Quick Turnaround, Internal IT Operations Effectiveness etc.
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cloud solution

Cloud For Efficient Logistics

Computer system has always been the backbone of the logistics. In last century, since logistics has gain attention of business across industry, IT has always been a integrated part of it.
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Manage Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps To Manage Field Boys in Express & Courier companies

LogixGRID Technologies come-up with 2 innovative Android based mobile solutions (Pickup Manager & Mobi Delivery) for managing field boys in eCommerce, Express & Courier companies. Managing field boys will become lot more easier with LogixGRID Mobile apps. Both applications are developed on LogixGRID Technologies proprietary Mobile framework,
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Cloud Based Logistics ERP

Cloud Based Logistics ERP Available on PC and Mobile Phones

LogixERP is been developed in close coordination with active industry players, the logistics ERP solution addresses the most complex issues faced by companies, whether big or small. Its only few of the web based business solution available globally which can runs on PC and Mobile.
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Sales Automation Tool

Next Generation Sales Automation Tool

Mobile For Sales Force Automation (SFA) Give your Sales team Tools to perform
  • Recording meeting notes at the client’s end is best, not after few hours later in back office or in a hotel
  • Improved data quality as Sales Rep is using the smart phone when an event is occurring or has just occurred
  • Enhance Sales Rep image. Using Mobile app for business project sales rep as being forward thinkers and problem solver
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Choose Best ERP Software

How to select the best ERP software?

LogixERP is an effective solution for logistics Runs on Cloud ERP is running on World’s Most famous Cloud Infrastructure – AMAZON AWS . Customize ERP as per your business requirement. Its supports multi-currency. Auto-Updates ERP auto-updates. You always have the latest version of ERP running for you.
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