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While managing own logistics manufacturing companies tend to lose focus on their primary goal, looking after the scenario manufacturing companies should implement a single platform and facilitate the entire logistics operation. Every manufacturer gets surrounded with supply chain problems at some point of time and retro technology or traditional method of doing transportation may slow down the business growth therefore companies should aim to optimize your global supply chain process.

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Scattered process flow, customer query and services, regulatory compliance require common platforms and it has often seen to be robust issue in manufacturing industry and failed to render convenient and efficient services. Demand and outsourcing in the industry mostly lie on the other sides having a gap in between and delay in delivering goods may restrain to grow business. To address these challenges such as Track and Trace, Order-to-Cash, Sales and Operation Planning, Warehouse, Logistics Solutions and Procurement Services, integrated solution is required to achieve stability through its Business Process for Logistics and Supply Chain Management in manufacturing industries.

  • Procurement logistics – Intra and inter-city transportation challenge.
  • Inbound logistics – Challenge in truck loading, container off loading and material handling.
  • Production logistics – Challenge in maintaining raw material, work in progress and finished goods stock.
  • Urban logistics – Challenge in last mile delivery
  • Reverse logistics – Challenge in returning goods to origin.


Logixgrid solutions streamline the business gaps between manufacturing and delivering with our experience working for different types of extended logistic companies and commitment towards their success. Our solution supports end-to-end logistics operations with an objective to develop a competitive infrastructure, supply demand ratio, providing services and solutions to address every stage of the supply chain, from production of the raw material, through delivery to the end customer and estimate productivity globally.

  • Mobility solution to facilitate transportation system.
  • In-scan and out-scan process and record data in the system to manage inbound logistics.
  • Modern inventory management tool in the same integrated platform.
  • On time instant pick up request alert and routing of delivery.
  • Online return goods request to the nearest center and status update.

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The control tower has helped us to serve our client Yamaha Motors in a better way. Information which otherwise would take us hours or even days it is now accessible on a click. Nikhil Bammi
Director, HKX Logistics

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