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Business Partnership Program

Internationally recognized Logixgrid Technologies Pvt Ltd is interested in jointly collaborating with other technological solution, sales force automation, mobility solution providers, logistics or transportation consultant or any other sales and marketing firms associated with supply chain. Logixgrid Technologies with its existing business clients and associates has achieved several milestones to place itself among top next generation technological solution provider to supply chain management companies.

BPP Objective

Company’s objective towards this joint venture program is to spread its innovation and grow business across globe, since company has made its presence by acquiring clients in UAE, USA, KSA, Nigeria, Kenya, India and South east Asia. Logixgrid Technologies is confident about serving clients at its best way of providing end to end logistics solutions with post implementation service and complete IT consultation.

BPP Aspects

Since company has been applauded in many countries and awards programs for its multiple solutions running on one single cloud platform and fascinated customized solution along with shortest period of deployment and integration with several modules and tools of mobility solutions, company believes to serve internationally in a better way than any other companies. Our satisfied clients approached to run business globally to change the scenario of international freight forwarding system.

Logixgrid technologies’ collaboration proposal is to attach its major promotional campaign across globe with simultaneous participation in prominent trade shows and business exhibition, thus created a joint venture program for similar business development all over the world. This approach can be negotiated and implemented rapidly. This program is expected to act as a magnet that will attract other international clients as well.

BPP Benefits

In order to ensure long term profitability and success to the companies likely to do joint venture, logixgrid technologies will provide following benefits:

  • Make Higher Profits While Charging Less
  • Easy Setup, No Maintenance
  • You can start selling within minutes
  • Save Time and make more money
  • Manage your client relationships
  • Pass off Technical Support to LogixGRID Team
  • No fee to partner
  • Solutions developed using latest technology
  • Real time chat assistance to help you through your client implementations
  • Sell once to avail recurring revenue for years to come
  • We pass regional leads to you.

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