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Warehouse Management System


Inventory Control

Ensuring most of the regular inventory is at the front of the warehouse, where it is readily available can save you a great amount of time through minimizing activities in the warehouse.Tracking product locations, suppliers, and storage duration allows companies to control inventory levels and maximize the use of warehouse space.

Trace of packages

Warehouse managing would never be that much hard if automation system was implemented, when multiple warehouses with return stock give a challenge to manufacturer, a simple cloud system could resolve everything scanning every packages and trace movement from manufacturing plant to warehouses.


  • Holding Excess Inventory
  • Poor Housekeeping
  • Multiple Decentralized Systems
  • No Trace of Materials
  • Multiple Stock keeping unit
  • No Full Utilization
  • Manage return stocks in the system.
  • Monitor other warehouses
  • Delivery scheduling and assign stocks for delivery
  • Manual manifest creation


Features and Benefits:

  • Minimize write-downs and write-offs
  • Integration platform between the warehouse and your ERP, order management, ecommerce or purchasing system.
  • Wireless Picking and Receiving
  • Order Management and Multi-Zone picking
  • License Plates and Put away /Slotting
  • Multi-Location/Site Transfer / Multi-Company/3PL
  • Inventory accuracy and real-time visibility
  • On-time and complete order shipments
  • Reduced inventory costs /Reduced labor costs

ERP running on cloud

One Application.Many Advantages



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