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Are you frustrated of using traditional logistics solution? No More. KNOW HOW

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Still tracking shipments manually? No More. Know How
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Still seeking for intralogistic mobility solution? No more. Know How
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IT costs going through the roof? No More. KNOW HOW

Our Cloud Logistics Bouquet

                                                           GST Compliance

A complete IT solution to reduce cost and streamline the entire logistics operation with an assurance of growth. Our cloud software and mobility solutions are trusted by companies across US, India, Middle-East, South-East Asia, Africa.

ERP for Logistics

No Software Or Hardware To Purchase. Customize ERP As Your Need.

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Courier Software

Very Low Investment and High ROI. Designed for courier Industries.

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Direct Store Delivery

Simplify your delivery process. Mobility solutions for your sales.

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Sales Force Automation

Streamline complex sales process and manage field employees effectively.

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Making the Cloud Work for You


Cost Effectiveness

Operating margins for the logistics industry have not been able to keep pace with rising fuel prices and the cost of retaining human capital. ERP software has a major role to play in helping logistics companies to find new ways to increase profitability without compromising service quality.

Customer Responsiveness

When it comes to responding to customer needs, logistics companies need to be able to predict change and keep ahead of the competition. In this context, the ability to track shipments in real time is a must. Companies needs to be Responsive to all changes.


companies in 8 countries run businesses on logixERP


shipments tracked every month


vehicles managed through LogixERP


packages are getting tracked

We love what we do and so do our clients!



Who We Are

We are experts in CLOUD & Big Data Analytics, and we use our combined experience and know-how to find solutions to the challenges facing in logistics.

About Us

We are pioneers in developing cloud-based applications for the logistics sector.

Why Us

Our subject-matter experts work with you to design a solution based around your unique needs.


Our service footprint spans North America, India, Africa, and the Middle East.

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