Retail Industry

Retailers and consumer brands are nowadays modernizing their supply chain management for flexibility, better customer service, lower the cost and sustainability in the competitive market.

Nowadays retail management is being highly connected with technology and turning completely into a digital platform to change the experience of shopping, and blurring the line between online shopping and in-house shopping.


Ensuring having the right inventory in the right location at the right time, receiving goods, stocking, picking, packing and shipping services for truckload/less-than-truckload orders headed to retail stores, direct fulfillment , inventory management / Order Fulfillment can be too way easy with a new age solution, Retail management seemed to be on the path of traditional business, still for B2B inbound suppliers and wholesalers into consolidation centers, including regional order fulfillment to retailers’ distribution networks in domestic and international locations becomes a challenge.

  • Multiple billing and different statements.
  • Challenge in first leg and last leg service.
  • Issue in managing inventory in multiple stores.
  • Goods movement and inventory visibility.
  • Returns management.


LogixGRID’s retail logistics solutions are well organized and business-like for retail logistics where it offers coherent managerial techniques to use inbound receiving. It offers Value-Added logistical project work. With LogixGRID’s retail logistics solution you can manage various movements for customers. It also provides multi-mode support and control for the parcel, intermodal, ocean, air and over-the-road shipments to fulfill orders from the supply or demand side of your business. LogixGRID’s retail logistics solutions strive to add value for the customers. For this purpose, the cost elements in the supply chain are brought under the direct control of the retailer.

The retail logistics system strives to add value for the customer. For this purpose, the cost elements in the supply chain are brought under the direct control of the retailer. LogixGRID’s retail logistics system functions to get products from manufacturing centers to consumers as efficiently and strategically as possible.

Retail logistics

Easy and fast billing.

Digital Signature

Delivery confirmation with digital signature.

Reorder Management Process

Re-order management process.

Customization & Tracking

Setup customization and tracking.

Scan Barcode

Bar code scanning and system integration.

Home Delivery

Home delivery and COD payment.

Client Reviews

Talha S.

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There were plenty of benefits for our company. From saving lost money to person to person accountability, we had reports for liability of each courier and could track all shipments.

Bassam H.

rating Starrating Starrating Starrating Starrating Star

LOGIXERP combines all the functions needed to run the business from warehousing to operations and delivery as well as financial management. It is flexible and comprehensive, with so many customizable features. It is also scalable. Integration options are also an edge, specially with Shopify and Woocommerce.

Zeyad A.

rating Starrating Starrating Starrating Starrating Star

Very nice and the support team is very helpful and they have alot of solution for us in diffrent scenario’s.

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