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Let’s take a closer look into how LogixPlatform demo can help you choose the best Logistics software for your business needs using integrated tools for track and trace, eCommerce, fulfilment, warehousing, 3PL, crossborder logistics, finance, billing, and express logistics

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    End-to-End Visibility

    Gain real-time visibility into your entire logistics business. Track shipments, monitor inventory levels,and optimise routes effortlessly.With LogixPlatform you can revolutionise the way you handle logistics.

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    Seamless Integration

    Elevate your business with LogixPlatform’s seamless integrations with ecommerce, leading technology and trusted 3pl carrier partners–including integrations with invoice/accounting solutions.

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    Exceptional Flexibility

    LogixPlatform system has flexibility which allows you to customise workflows, integrate with various platforms, and cater to the unique requirements of your industry.

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    Intelligent Automation

    Say goodbye to manual processes.LogixPlatform intelligent automation features eliminate errors and save you time.Logix AI can analyse large volumes of data generated during the delivery process to identify areas for improvement, refine delivery strategies, and enhance overall logistics operations

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    Robust Technology

    LogixPlatform is inbuilt with high end robust technology which can automate the whole business processes to push business efficiency and productivity which will provide a competitive edge to your businesses.

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    Increased Customer Satisfaction

    Logix Customer Portal empowers users to access information or order services 24/7 without contacting customer support. Logistics customer portal provides both businesses and individual customers with the ability to get precise information about their shipments at any time.

    Achieve Seamless Business Experience through Multiple Integrations

    LogixPlatform allows integration with ecommerce platforms to automate order processing, integration with various payment gateway so customers can securely manage their recurring bills, integration with accounting software inside the platform, SAP/EDI integration, 3PL carrier integration and webhook based integration.
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    Take the first step towards transforming
    your logistics operations.

    LogixPlatform is an all-in-one cloud-based software solution designed to enhance organisational efficiency through the automation of essential processes.

    It offers real-time insights into both operational and financial performance. A complete software suite to manage multi-modal kinds of businesses.