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A Phenomenal Partnership Program

Join LogixGRID’s powerful partnership program to innovate, cultivate and reform complex solutions, and deliver value to your customers!

Partnership Program That Promotes Growth

LogixGRID provides industry leading LogixERP, Logix.Network, CLOBZ Sales, ORION, PULSE, WMS, eCOM solutions to our customers directly and by working with partners like you. Our deep Industry experience and the strength of our software platform, our transactional network and our professional services team all contribute to industry- wide appreciation of our outstanding offerings and enthusiastic performance.

Our pledge to excellence has enabled us to develop high-level products and based on that the partnerships that form the foundation of our success. As with our every Channel Partner, our aim is to make the LogixGRID’s Software experience easy and productive for you and your customers, to meet all your business needs and to help you improve your bottom line right away with Logix Partnership program.

Logix PARTNERS Program

You can choose from any of our partnership programs and take one step closer to growth.

Authorized Resellers

If you choose to be an Authorized Reseller, you will be offering all of the leading LogixGRID’s solutions to your users. As your customer base expands you will benefit from joint marketing initiatives with us, and can resell solutions directly to your end users. We keep you up to date on marketing offers, product enhancements and a variety of other opportunities to support the ongoing growth.

Developer Partners

If you are a developer and love technology and bleed innovation we will be highly grateful to have on our platform. Join our Logix Developer Community today and Design, Build, market, and sell apps through our platform. You’ll be the epitome of cutting-edge technology, building tools & apps to help thousands of logistics businesses worldwide will be the motto. Anyone who builds technology, whether an individual developer, startup, or ISV, can join our platform to develop or integrate with the LogixGRID’s product portfolio and distribute their technology to customers globally.

Referral Partners

Consultants & advisors who help their clients develop strategies for growth can join our network of Referral Partners. As opportunities for LogixGRID System implementation appear, our Referral Partners recommend solutions from our offerings bouquet. Our Team works with Referral Partners to provide ongoing product updates and opportunities for joint marketing campaigns.

Strategic Partners

Our highly varied Strategic Partner companies not only represent their own solutions, but may represent or be closely tied with LogixGRID solutions. Strategic Partners work closely with our Team to explore joint technical and marketing opportunities, build and leverage business relationships, and provide fully integrated, end-to-end solutions to their users.

Logix PARTNERS Program

Guaranteed Profits
Zero Partnership Fee
Easy Setup With Zero Maintenance
Dedicated Technical Support From Logixgrid Team
You Can Start Selling Within Minutes While Saving Time
Sell Once To Avail Recurring Revenue For Years To Come
Real Time Chat Assistance To Help You Through Your Client Implementations
Solutions With Cutting Edge Technology Gives Upper Hand While Pitching
Manage Relationships Easily
We Pass Regional Leads To You
Boost your logistics business globally