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Referral Partners

Be the part of the aesthetic Referral Partners program which adds value to your skills and helps you earn commissions.

Why become a Referral Partners?

If you are good with sales, technical and marketing skills then don’t miss the chance to take your personal growth to the next level by referring to LogixGRID solutions. Also, you can recurring commissions for each customer you bring and onboards LogixGRID SaaS platform. Our business suite empowers a referral partner to drive more personalized and unified solutions to business, helping them establish best business practices and help them stay a step ahead of the competition.

Sales Opportunities

Sales opportunities

Achieve goals and earn recurring revenue apart from your existing income by becoming our Referral Partners.

Upgrade Business Skills

Upgrade Business Skills

While you are referring, you’re constantly enhancing your business skills & taking a step closer to be in the highest order of partnership.

Partner Enablement

Partner enablement

Collaborative support for joint business planning to make the most of our partnership.

What does it take to be a Referral Partners?

Strong business skills with fluency in local language and english
Great convincing abilities
Product knowledge and support from LogixGRID
Join us today be a part of something exciting & incredible and earn big