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Direct Store Delivery


ORION – Mobility for direct delivery

Simplify your delivery process. Give boost to your sales and ensure that your customer always find your products at the store. Reduce human involvement, automate system and increase your business efficiency. Manage entire business process such as order booking, delivery and invoicing using just a mobile app. Instigate your business on your mobile phone.




Orion Offers –

  • Mobile based order collection system for Sales Team
  • Delivery van tracking
  • Payment collection on delivery
  • On-Spot invoicing
  • System suggest shortest route for deliveries
  • Pre-alerts for any delay in delivery
  • Define Customer & Promotion specific pricing
  • Seamless integration with backend ERP or WMS

Easy Pickup

Auto pickup from web-based system or from mobile devices. Mobility solution enable sales men to pickup from anywhere and update details to the system. Even from the centralized office admin can assign or send pick up request to the field-person through mobile phones. Once shipment get picked up automatic notification to the clients processed by the system.

Smooth Delivery

Delivery becomes easier with with LogixERP and mobility solution, using POD makes delivery secured. Many brunches across multiple region can be centralized and billing can be process from one specific operational unit. Automatic delivery run sheet allows delivery of shipment to the right person and digital signature of customer makes process smooth. 

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Key Benefits

  • No manual work and no mistakes in order booking
  • Less lead time and more sales
  • Mobile based system will remove human error and increase accesibility
  • Retailers can monitor information about departure and arrival of every vehicle
  • Faster execution and accurate delivery
  • Keep full track on payment collection and vehicle
  • Sales invoice can be raised from anywhere using mobile phone



Sales team collect order using mobile app. Retailer could give orders online or using mobile app.


Retailer could keep track of inbound shipment with Expected Time of Arrival (ETA).


Delivery van use the mobile application to deliver shipment, create invoices, collect empties

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