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The LogixERP is designed for logistics management who require a complete & accurate courier management system combined with a fully integrated accounting system.  Generate required documents like the Airway bills, invoices. Fast action of support team. The main benefit, it can integrate our processes like operations, commercial and accounting under one platform.” 

Bluesky Express
Salem AlDuwilah (Founder & CEO)

“The control tower has helped us to serve our client Yamaha Motors in a better way. Information which otherwise would take us hours or even days to compute is now accessible on a click. Readily availability of information to all stakeholders has reduced the support calls.”

HKX Logistics
Nikhil Bami ( Founder & Ceo)








Using logixERP we could streamline the issues we were facing, our primary challenge was to assign delivery boys to the right destination which has been perfectly resolved , productivity of delivery boy has increased.

RN Logistics
Rakesh Sharma (Fonder & Ceo)

“We use LogixERP in our manufacturing plant to manage multiple warehouses, now we can easily manage return stocks in the system and monitor other warehouses. Integrated mobile app to in scan, out scan materials and  delivery scheduling for each shipment has been turned out to be phenomenal.  Workers now can easily assign stocks for delivery and create auto manifest. Using rugged hand-held simplified the entire program smooth.”

Highly Electrical Appliance India Pvt. Ltd
Parvej Mansuri (IT Team)








Superb service from Logixteam, not only they understand the business but also the urgency on every requirements. Fantastic team especially in follow ups and support. No regret working with them.

ADS International
Ryan Cho (Fonder & Ceo)