Embracing Innovation: What3Words at LogixGRID


In the dynamic landscape of logistics technology, staying at the forefront is not just an option; it’s a necessity. That’s why we’ve integrated What3Words into LogixPlatform—a revolutionary step that speaks volumes about our commitment to simplifying and streamlining logistics operations.

What is What3Words

Ever wished for an addressing system that’s more intuitive and human-friendly than traditional longitude and latitude coordinates?

Enter What3Words—a game-changing solution that divides the world into 3m x 3m squares and assigns each square a unique combination of three words. This simple yet brilliant concept eliminates the need for complex strings of coordinates. Instead, you can share three easy-to-remember words that pinpoint a location with remarkable accuracy. This approach capitalises on human cognition, making it easier to remember and communicate precise locations. Particularly valuable in regions with inadequate addressing systems, What3Words empowers logistics operations in urban landscapes and remote corners alike.

Elevating Logistics Efficiency with What3Words

A delivery scenario with unclear addresses leading to wasted time and frustrated customers. What3Words sweeps away these challenges. By utilizing What3Words within our platform, we’re enhancing logistics efficiency and ensuring deliveries reach their destinations seamlessly. LogixGRID, in partnership with What3Words, has revolutionized addressing, making it easier than ever to navigate complex routes and locate customers. No longer will drivers struggle to decipher vague directions or landmarks; with What3Words, each delivery becomes a success story.

The What3Words Advantage in Logistics Solution

Imagine a Logistics Management system that not only simplifies operations but also enhances global addressing capabilities. Cloud-based LogixPlatform now incorporates the power of What3Words. This integration allows logistics stakeholders to generate concise geo-coordinates paired with What3Words addresses, ensuring unparalleled accuracy. What’s more, this innovation bridges gaps in rural addressing and extends reach to areas that conventional mapping tools might miss.

Redefining the Logistics Landscape

In an industry where time, accuracy, and customer satisfaction are paramount, What3Words sets a new standard. Logistics is no longer a puzzle to solve; it’s a seamless journey from start to finish. By embracing What3Words, LogixPlatform has unlocked the potential to transform deliveries into experiences of ease and efficiency. Our commitment to innovation continues to shape the logistics landscape, and What3Words is at the heart of this transformative journey.

Intrigued by the possibilities of What3Words in logistics? Join us on the path to redefining the future of address systems. Experience the impact of this revolutionary technology firsthand, only with LogixGRID