Manage Mobile Apps

LogixGRID Technologies come-up with 2 innovative Android based mobile solutions (Pickup Manager & Mobi Delivery) for managing field boys in eCommerce, Express & Courier companies. Managing field boys will become lot more easier with LogixGRID Mobile apps. Both applications are developed on LogixGRID Technologies proprietary Mobile framework, giving them the power to be customized to any specific requirement of an organisation and be able to integrate with any online ERP system.

1. MobiDelivery :

MobiDelivery offers tools required for managing last-mile delivery operation. Integrated with LogixERP, it provide seamless exchange of information between the back end office and delivery boy. Delivery boy will be able to use the app for –

  • Receive details of deliveries schedule for the day
  • Take customer receipt using e Signature
  • Manage COD collected
  • Geo tracking of delivery boy

2. Pickup Manager :

App for managing pickups requests. Pickup Manager comes with back end dashboard which provide LIVE tracking of every pickup requests received and its execution. The system could integrate with 3rd party website, mobile apps for getting details of pickup requests. eCommerce logistic companies could use the system for vendor pickups or reverse pickups.

  • Auto-assigning of pickup requests based on pin code
  • Centralized monitoring of pickups executed across different offices
  • Auto-alerts to pickup boy on availability of new pickups
  • Daily email to manager on day’s progress


Cloud Based Logistics ERP

LogixERP is been developed in close coordination with active industry players, the logistics ERP solution addresses the most complex issues faced by companies, whether big or small. Its only few of the web based business solution available globally which can runs on PC and Mobile.

LogixGRID Technology, a company founded by team having extensive prior work experience with companies like Google, CISCO & Juniper, and other with management experience gained from working in India’s leading Transport and Express companies. Company, with a rare insight into the Transport & Logistics industry is into the development of innovative solutions which are based on Cloud Computing and Mobile technologies.

LogixERP is the flagship product launched by the company. The ERP has been developed for managing all the activities performed on a day-to-day basis in a transport company. It integrates and streamlines transportation planning, executing, freight payment, and business process automation on a single application.

Key Features :

MobiDelivery offers tools required for managing last-mile delivery operation. Integrated with LogixERP, it provide seamless exchange of information between the back end office and delivery boy. Delivery boy will be able to use the app for –

  • Access anywhere, even on mobile.
  • No capital investment required in software or hardware.
  • Lowest cost of ownership. Pay for only what you use with no monthly commitment.
  • Multi-lingual & Multi-currency support.
  • Application become more intelligent everyday. The system learn from each transation and makes future judgement based on previous transactions.

With the availability of the ERP on SAAS (Software As A Service) model, its very favourable for SME companies to adopt it. And already companies in US, Middle-East & India are using the ERP for managing their business.


Sales Automation Tool

Mobile For Sales Force Automation (SFA) Give your Sales team Tools to perform :

  • Recording meeting notes at the client’s end is best, not after few hours later in back office or in a hotel.
  • Improved data quality as Sales Rep is using the smart phone when an event is occurring or has just occurred.
  • Enhance Sales Rep image. Using Mobile app for business project sales rep as being forward thinkers and problem solver.
  • Sales Rep will use their smart phones from the time they get up until they go to bed at night. So, if you can provide access to information, proactive alerts, and improved ability to connect to customers and employees, salespeople will take advantage of it.
  • Greater visibility throughout the sales organization.

Designed around the daily activities of the Sales Rep App is designed for the sales rep to easily record his daily activities; submit his reports quickly; access record in few clicks. It is a mobile cloud based global logistics solution which is widely useful for third party logistics Companies.

Expenses approval system Mobile based Order System Submit order details to your enterprise sales system from client location Advance reporting to monitor Sales Rep performance GPRS based attendance system Role based leave approval system.


Choose Best ERP Software

LogixERP is an effective solution for logistics Runs on Cloud ERP is running on World’s Most famous Cloud Infrastructure – AMAZON AWS . Customize ERP as per your business requirement. Its supports multi-currency. Auto-Updates ERP auto-updates. You always have the latest version of ERP running for you.

LogixERP is available in multi languages and even can be customized as per desired official language, It works globally having multi-currency support.

LogixERP communicate on different channels to keep your customer update about the shipment whereabouts / pickup requests / MIS LogixERP Auto Communicate Intimation SMS to customer with pickup vehicle detail Email/SMS on shipment pickup & delivery Daily email to client the Delivery Status Report.

Fleet Management Module Track your Tyre rotation and increase your Tyre life by 30% using Logix Fleet Management System.

Shipment tracking using Mobile App Offers – Track Shipment – Make Phone call or send email to any of your office – Request for Pickup.

No need to purchase hardware or software to run LogixERP. ERP is available on monthly subscription basis Customize LogixERP reports as per your business requirement.