Logistics Management System – Track Shipments Live On Website

Logistics Management System

A company can pick up from and delivery to any location in India. Five hundred strong truck fleet uses direct services not relays and break bulks. Company’s warehouses are located at strategic points and cities across India, encompassing a total land mass of 1 mil sq. feet. Company’s presence in more than 40 locations in India having 100 work force more than 35 operating units and warehouses. Company is compatible to cover 50 lacs KMs and handle 2 lacs ton cargo per year respectively.

1. Business Challenges :

Company have had been running transport business earlier with traditional method but while in operation of courier business provision of traditional retail booking shipments would cause delay in delivery. Company’s prime objective to render the best service among existing other companies seemed to be dull.

Decentralized process to connect multiple offices at one system for which company was not able to help client in making the delivery of shipments at the assigned destination in a safer, faster and most reliable manner.

Inflexible and sloppy accounting pulled down company’s growth plotted decline graph of stock and cash flow management.

It became difficult to trace the shipment on time and disengagement of customer started showing falling in business. Lack of latest cloud based technology and mobility solution in order to help clients in tracking their consignment lively and monitor each and every movement, in other hand status of tracing consignment to be auto communicated with the clients.

Higher service cost relatively other companies because of having no flat rate and mile payment to keep the price low.

2. How Logixgrid addressed the challenges?

Logixgrid proposed new age system logixERP to improve customer services by providing on time delivery report, quick booking and in house pick up helped them to speed up services along with mobility solution to the pickup and delivery person process and execute functions from anywhere.

Company was given a single cloud platform to manage both of their transport, courier and cargo companies, aside from one system was incorporated to monitor and manage multiple brunches where data of accounts, cash flow could be synchronized and exchanged among several distribution centers through single system.

Logixgrid has integrated their website with logixERP tracking system and made their website live where clients could easily track their shipments with each shipment movement and get the updated status either by SMS or Email.

Geo-mapping and route optimization which enabled to calculate the distance and digital COD makes a secure delivery overall.

3. Benefits realized :

  • Reduced operating cost.
  • Increased dispatch and delivery boy or pick up boy productivity.
  • Improved retail booking process.
  • Enabled centralized integrated system.
  • Enhance field activity and extension of tracking.
  • Organized stock management.