PARCELBHEJ eCom is a third-party 3PL courier service provider that helps online merchants to grow their business by effortlessly shipping the products to the doorsteps at a best possible price with the help of courier service providers.

Business Challenge

  • Manage data transaction among multiple 3PL courier service providers and get a centralized tracking for the end-users.
  • Routing different set of waybills data and hand over to different 3PL carriers for delivery.
  • Merchant or carrier invoice accounting against waybills and reconciliation.
  • Provide access to customers for waybill creation and different carrier wise label printing.
  • Single admin dashboard to summarize the entire business at a single glance.


How LogixGRID addressed the challenge

Logixgrid offered logixERP to manage its domestic courier business and outlined the scope of international business. LogixERP has been already pre-integrated with multiple 3 PL carriers to exchange waybill create and fetch tracking details which helped them to easy submit waybill data to Express Bees carrier for delivery.

In LogixERP customers have a privilege to provide portal access to their clients for bulk waybill upload, tracking, tariff calculation, pickup schedule and other which made entire process automated to deal with customers and independently.

LogixERP incorporated COD remittance and carrier invoice accounting module waybill wise where advance tally can be done including ledger, voucher, PNL, and balance sheet.


Benefits realized

  • Having an automated process, overall productivity has been increased.
  • Complete transparency between the service provider and the customers.
  • A better experience in case of 3PL carrier management.



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    G4S Courier is a logistics arm of business for G4S Kenya Ltd. It offers third party logistics, warehousing& distribution and courier for Covers, Parcels and Mailbags.

    Below are facts about the business:

    • Market share: 58% – 60% of the Kenya courier market share.
    • Foot Print: Branch network- of 145 operational service centers and over 200 destinations covering daily countrywide.
    • Human resource: Workforce of over 1,200 Skilled and well trained man power where drivers and riders have over 7 years of active driving.
    • Experience in courier industry: Over 45 Years of experience in provision of courier solutions.
    • Capacity/Infrastructure: Fleet of over 200 ideal courier Motorcycles and over 200 Vehicles of different load capacities. One main hub, warehouses and four mini hubs in the regions.
    • Certification: ISO 9001:2018 Certified.
    • Shipments: Over six million shipments delivered yearly.
    • Clients served by industry: Banking, Agricultural, Pharmaceuticals, e-Commerce, Telecom, Motor and wholesale and retail industries among others.
    • Technology: Logistics Management system that has a track and trace capability that can be accessed through web or mobile app.

    About Automation:

    G4S management took up automation to improve productivity and increase customer confidence towards business products. The major components that were reviewed to ensure automation delivered success to the business were;

    • Challenges faced by the business and the customer during delivery of service.
    • Solution to address above challenges.
    • The projected and accrued benefits from the automation.

    A) Challenges faced and Customer requirements.

    As a third party logistics various demands on automation come from customers with different needs/requirements.

    The business also required a productivity measuring tool to increase its productivity.

    Here are the challenges and requirements,

    1. Lack of an effective end to end track and trace system that offers single source of track and trace.
    2. Additional security and controls on to shipments by use of technology.
    3. Lack of a seamless handshake between client system and G4S system.
    4. Revenue leakages.
    5. Movement of physical POD to requester station.
    6. Manual keeping of records.
    7. Longer time to close a call on track and trace.
    8. Loss on man hours on track and trace.
    9. Lack of mobility with the legacy system.

    B) About solution

    G4S contracted Logixgrid Technologies LTD to offer a solution to the above challenges. Logixgrid offered Logixgrid ERP application to address all above challenges/requirement. The Solution offers,

    1. A web application that offers both back end and front end operations.
    2. G4S Matrix. Mobile app that brings mobility to the applications where crews can capture data at client premises.
    3. G4S courier app. This a consumer facing mobile app where consumer can track and trace,get G4S contacts and locations for G4S service centers, get quotation and reports upon sign up to the app.
    4. Customer portal. A web application and with consumer facing portal. It does enable consumer to; track and trace, get reports, invoices and making picking requests at his/her comfort of his laptop/Tablet/computer.
    5. Tracking widget that is embedded at G4S Kenya website for track and trace.
    6. Web service API’s for shipments creation and track and trace.Impact/benefits

    C) Impact/benefits

    Upon deployment the business has accrued the following benefits.

    1. Better track and trace system
    2. Sealing of revenue leakages
    3. Better internal shipments reconciliation tool.
    4. Better tool for productivity measure on resources.
    5. Better stationary management
    6. Additional product such as COD services to customers/merchants.
    7. Increased penetration to e-Commerce industry through seamless data exchange of both client and LogixERP.
    8. Improved customer satisfaction.
    9. Better tools for data mining and warehousing for decision support.

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      Eagle Express Limited is a logistics service provider experienced in the management of courier/dispatch operations. With licensed by the Postal and Courier Services Regulatory Commission (PCSRC) to provide courier services within Ghana. Eagle Express exist to bridge the gap within your value/service chain by ensuring seamless communication with your stakeholders through the carriage/delivery of your documents, parcels, articles etc. Eagle Express serve clients operating in sectors including Manufacturing, Banking & Finance, Pharmaceuticals, NGO’s, Insurance, Retail, Education/Professional Bodies and E-commerce. Eagle Express have consistently supported firms in these industries by providing bespoke and complex services including Cash on Delivery (COD) for leading e-commerce giants.

      The Challenge

      Eagle Express in Ghana caters all logistics operations and while managing their operations they were facing huge challenges while keeping their customers satisfied.

      Delivery Automation: With the increasing customers the major challenge was to automate the delivery process and collect the POD signature.

      Automation of Logistics Operation: Managing logistics manually was costing manpower and was time consuming for country and outside the country.

      Auto-Pickup Scheduling: Give access to customers for auto-pickup schedule

      Mobility Solutions: To manage delivery and pickups the need for the mobility solutions for the field employees was a need.

      Customer App: To track shipments and download reports the requirement for the customer app was required to increase the productivity.

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      ADS International has been around since 2008 serving industrial and trading customers on international airfreight and express needs. ADS has customized services into three sectors Sourcing, Management and Distribution to better assist our customers in managing and plan their supply chain and delivery model and trailering e-Commerce logistics also.

      Business challenges

      ADS services are very distinguished and prime where they connect every corners of the world at a single delivery point and there were multiple difficulties came up to take care in terms of IT implementations. Region wise different duties and tax calculation and since there was a large networking with multiple carriers across borders, managing such a big network would become a real challenge with each and every remarks and locating the shipment when moving across one part of the continent to another though multiple carriers and fulfilling the e-Com requirement from several locations.

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      A company can pick up from and delivery to any location in India. Five hundred strong truck fleet uses direct services not relays and break bulks. Company’s warehouses are located at strategic points and cities across India, encompassing a total land mass of 1 mil sq. feet. Company’s presence in more than 40 locations in India having 100 work force more than 35 operating units and warehouses. Company is compatible to cover 50 lacs KMs and handle 2 lacs ton cargo per year respectively.

      Business challenges

      Company have had been running transport business earlier with traditional method but while in operation of courier business Provision of traditional retail booking shipments would cause delay in delivery. Company’s prime objective to render the best service among existing other companies seemed to be dull.

      Decentralized process to connect multiple offices at one system for which company was not able to help client in making the delivery of shipments at the assigned destination in a safer, faster and most reliable manner.

      Inflexible and sloppy accounting pulled down company’s growth plotted decline graph of stock and cash flow management.

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      Multi model logistics companies offer comprehensive logistics platform which are managed by a cohesive team represented by specialists from Supply Chain Strategy, Logistics Operations, Core Transportation, International Freight Management, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, 3PL, 4PL, Warehousing & Distribution, Project Logistics and Customer Relationship Management.

      Business challenge

      Companies often seek for adequate information of their stock in warehouse and without an appropriate system managing a large network of clients becomes harder and almost impossible.

      Having excess load and variety of packages exterminate the visibility which leads to Excess or unexpected shortage. Multi- model Logistics is the fastest growing business across India and rapid growth in business led to overwhelming flow of goods and quick transition which surely would require an automated system.

      Excess inventory can decrease cash flow and turn up the warehouse issues. Insufficient warehouse space results redundant labor cost.

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      SCM Logo png‘SCM For You’ is a pioneer in comprehensive Logistics services with long-standing experience in creating sustainable strategies for supply chain optimization. Their capabilities range from Warehousing to Transportation, Distribution, and Training including E- Commerce. Over the years, this company forged a culture that is focused on meticulous planning, accountability  as a result they have been able to cover 15000 kilometers every day, almost 3k deliveries per day and more than 10000 transactions.

      Business Challenges

      To co-ordinate between every transaction their technology implementation supposed to be as modern as efficient to control over live shipment tracking.

      Their team could not assign field force accordingly which would consume much time because of improper delivery run sheet creation.

      Nonetheless having good services getting into E-commerce industry seemed tough because of incomplete last mile delivery including customer’s receiving confirmation.

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       HKX Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is a Delhi based logistic company which provide value added & unrivaled range of logistics, transportation as well as supply chain solution to automotive industry. Company is key logistic vendor of YAMAHA Motors Pvt. Ltd. It provide transportation and warehousing services to YAMAHA to ensure on-time supply of spares from YAMAHA’s OEM to manufacturing unit.

      Business Challenge

      YAMAHA is having ~100 OEMs across India, manufacturing 1000+ parts. HKX Logistics, is picking every day shipment from OEMs as per the schedule given to them by YAMAHA. JIT concept is followed by YAMAHA, setting-up the responsibility of Logistic companies and OEM that every part should delivered in factory should be as per the day’s schedule. To ensure that all deliveries arrive at manufacturing unit, on-time and in right quantity Yamaha buyers needs to be on constant phone-call with HKX & OEM team. Tracking the status of single part-number dispatch status could take ~10 phone calls and 1-2 hours of struggle.

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      Established in 1987, Karma Medical Corporation, headquartered out of Taiwan, has been providing mobility solutions for the physically challenged in over 40 countries. Products like manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and scooters produced by the company have enabled the physically challenged to enter mainstream living and aspire to a more active lifestyle. The company works in close collaboration with therapists in Australia, France, Japan and the UK.

      In India, the company operates as Karma Healthcare Ltd., based out of Kolkata. Company has 17 branches across India.

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      A great Moment when employees work rejoice fully and they seek to have parties often in the office which would ring the bells of success.

      Every small thing of an average company would be bigger for a giant company. Yes, it was the time when we were chosen to set-up end to end tracking system as packages move across warehouses and airlines of the supreme company of Logistic Industry in India which has become one of the major success stories in LogixGrid Technologies business career.

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