A leading Courier Business of East Africa (Kenya)

G4S Kenya Automation

They are the leading courier business, logistics arm of business for a renowned company in Kenya. It offers third party logistics, warehousing& distribution and courier for Covers, Parcels and Mailbags.

1. Business Facts :

  • Market share : 58% – 60% of the Kenya courier market share.
  • Foot Print : Branch network- of 145 operational service centers and over 200 destinations covering daily countrywide.
  • Human resource : Workforce of over 1,200 Skilled and well trained man power where drivers and riders have over 7 years of active driving.
  • Experience in courier industry : Over 45 Years of experience in provision of courier solutions.
  • Capacity/Infrastructure : Fleet of over 200 ideal courier Motorcycles and over 200 Vehicles of different load capacities. One main hub, warehouses and four mini hubs in the regions.
  • Certification : ISO 9001:2018 Certified.
  • Shipments : Over six million shipments delivered yearly.
  • Clients served by industry : Banking, Agricultural, Pharmaceuticals, e-Commerce, Telecom, Motor and wholesale and retail industries among others.
  • Technology : Logistics Management system that has a track and trace capability that can be accessed through web or mobile app.

2. About Automation :

Thier management took up automation to improve productivity and increase customer confidence towards business products. The major components that were reviewed to ensure automation delivered success to the business were;

(a) Challenges faced and Customer requirements :

As a third party logistics various demands on automation come from customers with different needs/requirements. The business also required a productivity measuring tool to increase its productivity. Here are the challenges and requirements-

  • Lack of an effective end to end track and trace system that offers single source of track and trace.
  • Additional security and controls on to shipments by use of technology.
  • Lack of a seamless handshake between client system and their system.
  • Revenue leakages.
  • Movement of physical POD to requester station.
  • Manual keeping of records.
  • Longer time to close a call on track and trace.
  • Loss on man hours on track and trace.
  • Lack of mobility with the legacy system.

(b) About solution :

They contracted Logixgrid Technologies LTD to offer a solution to the above challenges. Logixgrid offered Logixgrid ERP application to address all above challenges/requirement. The Solution offers,

  • A web application that offers both back end and front end operations.
  • Matrix Mobile app that brings mobility to the applications where crews can capture data at client premises.
  • courier app – This a consumer facing mobile app where consumer can track and trace,get contacts and locations for service centers, get quotation and reports upon sign up to the app.
  • Customer portal – A web application and with consumer facing portal. It does enable consumer to; track and trace, get reports, invoices and making picking requests at his/her comfort of his laptop/Tablet/computer.
  • Tracking widget that is embedded at thier website for track and trace.
  • Web service API’s for shipments creation and track and trace.

(c) Impact/benefits :

Upon deployment the business has accrued the following benefits-

  • Better track and trace system.
  • Sealing of revenue leakages.
  • Better internal shipments reconciliation tool.
  • Better tool for productivity measure on resources.
  • Better stationary management.
  • Additional product such as COD services to customers/merchants.
  • Increased penetration to e-Commerce industry through seamless data exchange of both client and LogixERP.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Better tools for data mining and warehousing for decision support.