Automates Return process of renowned eCommerce Business in Egypt

Automate Return Process

A Platform that automates automates the exchange and return process of ecommerce businesses. In their platform, users can order their exchange or return process in less than 3 minutes.They have their own platform to receive their delivery orders and assign them to 3rd party carriers.

Business Requirements :

This eCommerce business was in search Software platform where they can connect with other carriers to deliver their orders and to offer real-time tracking data.

Business Challenge :

  • They had multiple API gateways but were not able to find an API platform where they could connect with their local carriers.
  • They were working with their own site where they were receiving orders and the main challenge was to show on a real-time basis how their orders could be assigned to local carriers and from local carriers how they could get tracking and showcase on their site.
  • They were having a requirement to support multiple languages for tracking histories because in tracking they are working with different carriers in different languages.

Logix Platform Solutions :

  • Logix Platform is offering a solution that helps this platform in connecting with all of their local carriers, able to receive order details and assign those orders to their local carriers.
  • With Logix Platform, this business will get more scope in the future to connect with other carriers across the globe.
  • Logix Platform managed to provide real-time tracking data to present on their website.
  • We assured that Logix Platform will support multiple languages to work with and we have mapped the tracking histories in different languages as per user’s requirements on their website..

Benefits With Logix Platform :

  • They are able to push all orders through the Logix Platform and assign them to respective local carriers, and on a real-time basis through the Logix Platform, they could fetch tracking history to show on their website successfully.
  • Logix Platform is offering a customizable Logistics Software Solution with Cloud-based integrations and Mobile app support to manage and track your orders on a single platform.
  • Logix Platform helps to increase the productivity and efficiency of 3PL warehouse operations beginning with receiving materials or products at the warehouse and ending when an order is filled and shipped.
  • Logix Platform provides the latest IT and automation for 3PL companies which allows better tracking of shipments through each stage of the process.