Clobz Sales for sales force automation

A next generation solution to automate sales and other enterprise activities has been claimed to be the most economical solution to increase the productivity of the sales team. Clobz Sales Force Automation system helps to coordinate the interdependent activities of marketing, selling, and providing service, and the information that these systems contain can help senior executives make sales-related decisions.


Key factors

  • If in case a sales person gets intercepted at the last mile of buyer’s prospect then pro-eminent
    performance will be mandatory.
  • To potential customer’s ecosystems your service/product has to be relevant and co-exist with their
    existing system.
  • It is imperative to convey the same information to customers throughout the entire period of
    dealing. A single wrong information may affect the deal.


  • Clobz Sales Force Automation Software Run on Google cloud platform and Web application for
    Admins & Sales Managers.
  • Mobile App for Field Teams and All Reports Available on Google Maps.
  • Real-time Online customer support & Downloadable in Excel
  • Highly Scalable, Extensible and Affordable


features clobz sales


  • Mobile App for Sales Person for taking Sales Order
  • Track every visit made by Sales Rep
  • Submit expenses for approval. Take picture of receipt and upload against expense
  • In-built geo-attendance system
  • Do monthly or visit wise budgeting of your Sales Rep Send important notification to your sales team


  • Transparency in Performance Measurement
  • Amazing tool and easy to communicate
  • Helps capturing new market segments
  • Improve sale reps’ Rapport
  • Accelerates productivity
  • Enable to plan effectively & Cut Costs
  • Market research and forecasting
  • Build lasting relationship with clients
  • Make strong supplier connection
  • Track live order status



Customize App flow & integration


Integrate with your enterprise security

Multi Platform

Support multiple platform – Android, iOS, BlackBerry

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