Integrated Logistics Software

Logistics industry- nowadays have been a rise demand of automated transport system to monitor and better organize huge number of vehicles. Organizations are likely to opt for GPS tracking to have minute to minute information of their vehicle moving to keep a trace of their drivers and shipments in the vehicle.

There are few key points where GPS system greatly reinforce the transport and logistics business –

  • Minimizing the risk of stealing or loss of shipments.
  • Reducing the fleet cost due to driving speed.
  • Instant assigning the vehicle.

Eg: LogixGRID offers GPS services which allow to grouping various types of vehicle separately and helps to sthe job tracke the nearby vehicle which covers closest distance and other such aspects. With this proper schedules can be made and transportation will be done on-time, leads to maintain business reputation among customers, also tracks and maintains every record which helps for future reference.

With GPS vehicle tracking system they can save huge money on fleet’s operating costs, replace erratic drivers and also they can reduce their overhead cost by eliminating under-utilized vehicle etc.

LogixGRID has integrated with Map My India to offer substantial features to the transport industry and vehicle owners. Now while tracking a shipment in LogixERP logistics companies can track the vehicle too and specifically can determine a shipment exist in which respective vehicle. LogixERP is able to generate report with most transparent data and ensure a real time delivery or movement of shipments.