Online Customer Support

Customer is the base of building a business and in this competitive market, service to the customer is the most important thing. There are several companies which have fallen down because of their poor customer service but that has become traditional now. Customer buy products later, first keep inquiry about post service. Different clients would have different mind set and instances about doing business, nonetheless a solution is required which would bring a new way of selling and giving support to the customers.

What would be the revolutionary way giving client support and gathering clients?

Introducing PULSE which can invite all the customers on a single platform though each and every customer would have been treated with same priority.

Pulse is a comprehensive application which ensures customer satisfaction by providing an adaptable and wieldy customer service solution. Pulse will help users to improve business network without disrupting it.

Pulse application comes up with an extra ordinary help-desk solution for the customers, which includes support ticket system, live chat. This Application helps business to engage all the customers over a digital click increasing efficiency and productivity.

Pulse allows checking out product catalogue with prices where user can create an order online having well-spring information about products and live 24 hours support system makes it easy to deal with and ensure the explicit business communication.

Pulse enables access of multi account login though one mobile phone where there are options to add products into the server and live chat tool to get support instantly.

Pulse application is a user friendly which automatically calculates cost of units and shows every order instantly in an invoice form. Every product can be demonstrated with full description with images and developed with deep knowledge of customer relationship management and core sales concept.