Turkey Logistics

Logistic Industry is among the huge contributing industry in national economic development. Development of different sectors, for example, as international trade, manufacturing industry, agriculture, mining and other related are profoundly relying upon the Turkey logistics industry. Logistic industries between various nations are not the equivalent; they differ in terms of advancement in management, the technology used and infrastructure available.

1. Location is the key thing in Turkey logistics Industry :

Turkey is a leading trading hub serving the nations of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, and enjoys a different and profoundly competitive economy worldwide. Specifically, Istanbul plays a vital role as a hub for regional trade, logistics and tourism.

With Turkey’s unique location, which makes it a scaffold between the two continents and gives access to the huge number of clients in Europe, Asia, and Africa, it is one of the most dynamic and significant economic poles in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.

The major sectors that contribute to the development of the logistic industry are the automotive and steel industry and foreign trade. They have numerous foreign investors in the auto manufacturing industry such as Toyota, Ford, Mercedes, Isuzu, Hyundai and others.

2. Development in Turkey Logistics Industry and Future perspectives :

Development of logistic channels additionally has a major contribution to the development of the logistic industry in any country. Logistic channels can be road, airway, marine and railway, each of them take a larger part in logistic activities, based on nation geographical area. Because of the advantageous geographical area of Turkey, it gives nation greater opportunity of utilizing all channels for logistic activities.

Turkey is principally centred around modernization of the logistic industry in term of infrastructure and utilization of innovation in daily logistic activities. Turkey built up logistic centres to diminish expenses and increase efficiency in the logistic network. Development of the logistic industry is additionally relying upon expanding in a number of world-class logistic service providers’ companies. Turkey has pulled in numerous worldwide logistic companies, this because of having great transport infrastructure that encourages faster and proficient transportation.

Turkish logistic industry is more developed in terms of infrastructures, technology, revenue generated, logistic volumes per year and it has an enormous number of world-class logistic organizations. This achievement is because of the rise of industrial investments such as automotive, steel, and manufacturing, which lead to the development of exports and imports.

3. LogixGRIDs’ cutting edge software technology and its benefits to the Turkish logistics industry :

LogixERP is LogixGRIDs’ flagship product which is capable of handling big organization’s logistics operations efficiently. Presence of LogixERP in more than 10+ countries including Saudi Arabia and Turkey itself has made it one of the most trusted ERP software. LogixERP is capable of managing Accounting, Delivery, Tracking, Vendor management, Invoicing, Transhipment, Pickup, Vehicle management and load optimization and Integrated WMS.  LogixERP can manage cross-border logistics proficiently with multiple currencies and language support.