Managing Multi-Channel Fulfilment With Logix WMS: A Technical Overview

Managing Multi-Channel Fulfilment With Logix WMS: A Technical Overview

Managing Multi-Channel Fulfilment is a critical aspect of running a successful e-commerce business, especially if you’re selling products on multiple online marketplaces or through various sales channels.

TMulti-channel fulfilment offers many benefits, such as boosted sales, improved order fulfilment, and an enhanced customer experience. However, you can’t be successful with multi-channel ecommerce without an effective warehouse management system (WMS).

LogixWMS enables you to unify and efficiently manage fulfilling orders from different channels. Keep reading to know more about the benefits of multi-channel fulfilment and how to execute it successfully with a WMS.

Here are the key takeaways from Logix multi-channel fulfilment guide:
    Multi-channel fulfilment can help you reach more customers and optimise the shopping experience across various platforms.
    Logix warehouse management system (WMS) aids multi-channel fulfilment by providing real-time visibility of orders from all channels and warehouse processes to fulfil orders.
    Automating multi-channel fulfilment processes with a LogixWMS can reduce manual tasks, labour costs, and human errors within your warehouse.
    Multi-channel fulfilment processes you can automate with LogixWMS include inventory management, order splitting and routing, rate shopping, and more.
    LogixWMS offers integrations which you can use to easily connect all of your sales channels to your warehouse.

What You Need for Successful Multi-Channel Fulfilment ?

Successful multi-channel fulfilment requires careful planning, coordination, and efficient execution to ensure that products reach customers accurately and on time across various sales channels. Here are the key elements you need for successful multi-channel fulfilment:

1. Inventory Management:

a.Centralised inventory control: Use a robust inventory management system to keep track of stock levels across all your sales channels.

b.Real-time updates: Ensure your inventory system can provide real-time updates to prevent overselling or running out of stock.

2. Order Management System:

a.Implement an OMS to consolidate and manage orders from various sales channels in one place.

b.Automate order processing: Automate the order processing workflow to minimise errors and reduce fulfilment time.

3. Warehousing and Storage:

a.Choose strategic warehouse locations: Opt for warehouses that are strategically located to minimise shipping costs and delivery times.

b.Efficient storage: Organise your warehouse to maximise space utilisation and ease of picking and packing.

4. Shipping and Carrier Selection:

a.Partner with reliable carriers: Choose shipping partners known for their reliability and cost-effectiveness.

b.Negotiate shipping rates: Negotiate competitive shipping rates based on your shipping volume.

c.Offer multiple shipping options: Provide customers with various shipping options, including standard, express, and same-day delivery.

5. Packaging and Labelling:

a.Use appropriate packaging: Select packaging materials that protect products and reduce shipping costs.

b.Accurate labelling: Ensure accurate labelling of packages with clear shipping labels, barcodes, and tracking information.

Benefits of Using LogixWMS for Multi-Channel Fulfilment

Using a Warehouse Management System (WMS) for multi-channel fulfilment offers several benefits for businesses seeking to efficiently manage their inventory and order processing across various sales channels. Here are some of the key advantages:

1.Inventory Accuracy:

LogixWMS provides real-time visibility into your inventory across all channels. This helps prevent overselling, stockouts, and discrepancies, ensuring accurate stock levels at all times.

2.Order Accuracy:

With barcode scanning and automated order picking processes, LogixWMS reduces the risk of picking errors, leading to higher order accuracy and fewer returns or customer complaints.

3.Efficient Order Processing:

LogixWMS streamlines the order fulfilment process by optimising picking routes, assigning tasks to the right personnel, and managing order priorities. This results in faster and more efficient order processing.

4.Multi-Channel Integration:

LogixWMS can seamlessly integrate with various e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and sales channels, allowing for centralised order management and fulfilment. This reduces the complexity of managing multiple sales channels.

5.Optimised Inventory Management:

LogixWMS helps in setting reorder points, safety stock levels, and demand forecasting, enabling businesses to maintain optimal inventory levels and reduce carrying costs.

6.Reduced Labour Costs:

Automation features in LogixWMS reduce the need for manual labour in various warehouse operations, such as order picking and packing. This leads to lower labour costs and increased productivity.

7.Faster Shipping and Delivery:

By streamlining order processing and optimising warehouse operations, LogixWMS helps in reducing order turnaround times. Faster shipping and delivery times can lead to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

8.Improved Warehouse Space Utilisation:

LogixWMS optimise warehouse layout and storage, ensuring efficient use of available space. This can reduce the need for additional warehouse space and associated costs.

9.Real-Time Analytics:

LogixWMS provides valuable data and analytics on warehouse performance, order processing times, and inventory turnover rates. This data can be used to make informed decisions and continuously improve operations.


As your business grows and adds new sales channels, LogixWMS can easily scale to accommodate increased order volume and complexity. This scalability is crucial for businesses with dynamic and evolving fulfilment needs.

Streamline Your Fulfilment Operations With LogixWMS

With multi-channel fulfilment, you can reach a wider customer base and provide a seamless shopping experience across various platforms. However, implementing and making the most of multi-channel fulfilment is only possible if you have the right WMS.

LogixWMS is fully configurable and ready to help you automate warehouse processes across your facilities. Everything you need to integrate all of your systems and channels is available right out of the box. Ready to get started? Request a demo of LogixWMS today!