Integrated warehouse management system to manage direct or 3rd Party Logistics inventories

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Inventories & Status

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Warehouse Management System Features

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Manage Multiple Warehoused Centrally

Multi-warehouse inventory management ensures that data from all your warehouse & ordering systems are synchronized and updated in real-time.

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Pre-integrated accounting system

An accounting system that can deliver such great benefit to your logistics operations which host all the core modules.

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Customer Portal

A dedicated customer portal to give the liberty to your customers to book, track and raise purchase orders by enhancing the customer experience.

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Multiple Inventory reports

The multiple inventory report enables your business to track inventory across all of your stock locations, warehouses, or distribution centres.

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Complete Tracking of Inventories

Keep total track of your inventories even if they are from multiple warehouses.

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Bar Code Generation and Scanning

Fully support external hardware to keep your business flow smooth. Barcode printers and scanners are fully supported so that you can manage everything on a single dashboard.

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Warehouse Management System is built for integration and offers vast options to integrate with existing system.The solution supports integration with host enterprise resource planning (ERP), and supply chain solutions (SCS).

Data can be sent and received using industry best practice web services and XML. These integration points can easily be leveraged by material handling equipment vendors to build integrations for automated warehouses.

Warehouse management system integrations

Web Service API intergration image
Web Service API integration

The Web Service API is a secure, scalable and extensible interface that has been developed around a RESTful (representational state transfer) interface and the light weight JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data- interchange format to allow service providers and to carriers to seamlessly integrate with the WMS.

FTP server based data exchange image
FTP server based data exchange

The server hosts the files to be shared and the client provides the interface to access, download and upload files to the file server. The computers transferring files can be within the same network where the FTP server is configured, as well as outside the network.

Excel format Integration for data exchange image
Excel Format Integration for data exchange

Excel format integration helps import and export multiple excel files into the system and integrates your existing data with the system keeping it up to date with your business operations.

All the integrations make the WMS more scalable upto user needs and easy integrations like Carriers, SMS, GPS and E-Com website makes it customer centric.

Warehouse Management System Scope

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Access anywhere even on mobile
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Sales or Outbound orders automated
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Multiple carrier label printing
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Carrier Integration for waybill
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Increase Efficiency & Accuracy
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Manage Orders & Inventory
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Easily Integrates with your existing software
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Stay proactive and SMS, E-mail alerts

Financial management is one of the most important functions in any business and our WMS contains strong accounting tools which caters all of your important financial planning. It can help you manage processes like accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing and invoicing.

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General Ledger
Automated Billing image
Automated Billing
Automated Transactions image
Automated Transactions
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Ompailance Reporting
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Purchase Order image
Purchase Order
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Custom Reports

WMS platforms provide exceptionally strong tools to manage every aspect of sales and revenue for your business. It allows you to automate many accounting functions including payments processing, expense management and more. This improves accuracy and processing time, reducing the burdenon your staff and their working hours.

The easy customization helps you tailor the WMS according to your business needs. WMS is fully customizable which caters all the aspects of your operational needs.

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