Sales Automation Tool

Mobile For Sales Force Automation (SFA) Give your Sales team Tools to perform :

  • Recording meeting notes at the client’s end is best, not after few hours later in back office or in a hotel.
  • Improved data quality as Sales Rep is using the smart phone when an event is occurring or has just occurred.
  • Enhance Sales Rep image. Using Mobile app for business project sales rep as being forward thinkers and problem solver.
  • Sales Rep will use their smart phones from the time they get up until they go to bed at night. So, if you can provide access to information, proactive alerts, and improved ability to connect to customers and employees, salespeople will take advantage of it.
  • Greater visibility throughout the sales organization.

Designed around the daily activities of the Sales Rep App is designed for the sales rep to easily record his daily activities; submit his reports quickly; access record in few clicks. It is a mobile cloud based global logistics solution which is widely useful for third party logistics Companies.

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