Automate Inbound & Outbound Logistics

Indian manufacturers are waking up to supply chain automation to have as a price control mechanism. Transportation management software is a breakthrough that has reformed the supply chain system by making transportation progressively dynamic, accurate, and avoiding extra travel costs inbound and outbound.

Many manufacturers are growing rapidly as they optimize their inbound and outbound logistics through software innovation. And now is the perfect time for manufacturers to adapt these innovative solutions.

1. Challenges faced by manufacturers in managing their fleet operations:

Manufacturers encounter problems when it comes to delivering their goods or loading the raw material and this hurts the business. Supplier management and assignment, invoice validation and update, vehicle management and load optimization, centralized live tracking of multiple carriers are just some of the challenges we face. face on a daily basis.

Manufacturers must somewhere implement software solutions to improve cash flow to reduce expenses in specific areas such as fuel consumption and detention. Bulky paperwork consumes a lot of time and money, as bookkeeping is a crucial aspect of a business. In addition, incorrect billing or billing errors affect efficiency. Tracking the lifecycle of orders and shipments to offer accurate inventory forecasting is also a major concern. Supply chain visibility and accurate order fulfillment are also sources of stress for manufacturers.

2. How does Logix Network help manufacturers boost their logistics operation by overcoming their challenges?

With many manufacturers opting for an advanced TMS, Logix Network is an AI-driven TMS that provides a cloud-based platform for shippers/manufacturers, suppliers, and carriers on a single platform to streamline information flow based on business needs.

With Logix Network, suppliers can use interfaces to share shipped materials and vehicle details with tracking.

Automated AI would predict the exact number of vehicles when planning data access on a unified digital platform. The algorithm processes large queries to study loading performance, vehicle optimization.

Smart AI validates billing data for individual shipments and notifies users to proceed. With integration of over 300 carriers worldwide to view tracking data on a single screen with POD.

The Logix network has several convenient ways to track a vehicle, such as the drivers GSM SIM card, driver app, and GPS devices.

It is a one-of-a-kind network that stems from LogixGRID Technologies’ extensive logistics experience while managing logistics in over 18 countries around the world.