Middle East E-Commerce

The Middle East is the world’s leader in e-commerce expansion and generating logistics scopes over the years, it brags some of the most urbanized nations on the planet with the UAE, Kuwait and Qatar, all including on the planet’s 30 most urban nations. Most online customers, and for sure the greater part of the locale’s population dwell in Urban zones.

Few interesting points that will play a key role in promising the growth of logistics infrastructure in the Middle East :

  • The urban zones of Middle Eastern nations are home to probably the most exceptional infrastructure and logistics on the planet.
  • Middle East Government currently observe e-commerce as a gigantic open door for the economy and are investing vigorously in the advancement of further infrastructure to cater to more rustic territories. In spite of the fact that the bigger percentage of the population appreciates access to world-class logistics framework, this will enhance conveyance to the littler level of the population that lives outside the urban areas.
  • Saudi Arabia has created and introduced an across the nation conveyance framework that is geo-code based and best in class.
  • The Gulf Cooperation Council is taking steps towards duty and tax management across the member states. Currently, there is no VAT payable on e-commerce imports, but this is likely to change in the coming years, with proposals for VAT being considered. Additionally, duty thresholds vary from country to country.
  • Many areas see a pattern in the “click-and-collect” supply option, where online customers buy on the web and get the products in-store or at a convenient pick-up point.

How Technology is going to play a major role :

With all the development in the e-commerce and logistics industry in the Middle East, the noteworthy supporter of this is innovation, which has and is changing the logistics business at a faster rate.

From artificial intelligence (AI) to blockchain, and big data to robotics, logistics players are on a constant mission to understand and implement new and developing technologies in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

The logistics space is by and large altogether impacted by technologies like blockchain, AI, IoT and automation, requesting positive change across functions and across industry verticals.

Innovations, for example, IoT, machine learning and AI will additionally enhance and improve the procedures in the supply chain and logistics industries.

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