Third-party logistics (3PL)

Emerging economic conditions and online trading bringing a drastic change in the business globally and scopes of turning business into the global market has been evolved fantastically, uses and increasing league of 3PL business is definite.

With a huge amount of opportunities, the third-party logistics business has come across few milestones and the logistics industry has been successful but conditional.


Since Third-party logistics is to handle different companies with different requirements together, companies mostly get stuck somewhere to provide the best service persistently without the best Third-party logistics software, moreover, data resource management would have been a challenge. Today’s supply chains are faced with more and more challenges when it comes to running a cost-effective and efficient organization. Many leaders within supply chains are turning to Third-Party Logistics solutions to help deal with these growing challenges. Third-party logistics providers have been implementing technological solutions and investing money to come over challenges and to alleviate business but companies should not lose quality services and raise the cost of shipping against it.

  • Auditing freight bills and reducing freight rates
  • Issues with last-mile delivery
  • Quick integration and customization
  • Security and tracking issues


Logix Platform offers best-in-class 3PL Software for 3PL businesses to track, trace and optimize 3PL operations right from the time an order is picked up from a warehouse till it’s delivered to the end customers. Logix 3PL software is also a gateway to highly efficient logistics management. It is driven by cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, business analytics, predictive intelligence, IoT, and cloud computing. Logix Platform provides the best cloud-based 3PL software which delivers a flexible outflow to all third-party logistics companies for handling all types of products.

A co-managed 3PL software solution introduces best practices to minimize the lead time between deliveries. Logix Platform offers integrated Third-party logistics software that manages outsourced supply chain activities such as transportation and warehousing. It helps to increase the productivity and efficiency of third-party logistics warehouse operations beginning with receiving materials or products at the warehouse and ending when an order is filled and shipped. Here is why you should use Logix Platform to power your 3PL operations.

Route Optimization

Proper classification and electronic route optimization.

third-party logistics

Concern protocols and real time shipment movement.

Delivery Locate

Resolved practical issues such as invalid or incorrect address details, hard to locate locations, no-one home so cannot accept delivery.

Data Exchange Online

Online data exchange through cloud and customization to provide solutions as per business need.

Client Reviews

Talha S.

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There were plenty of benefits for our company. From saving lost money to person to person accountability, we had reports for liability of each courier and could track all shipments.

Bassam H.

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LOGIXERP combines all the functions needed to run the business from warehousing to operations and delivery as well as financial management. It is flexible and comprehensive, with so many customizable features. It is also scalable. Integration options are also an edge, specially with Shopify and Woocommerce.

Zeyad A.

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Very nice and the support team is very helpful and they have alot of solution for us in diffrent scenario’s.

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