What We Offer

Mobile Compatibility

Allows users to access information and manage operations on hand held device.

E-commerce Integration

Seamless connection between the warehouse management system and the online store.



Connects with all commonly used web platforms through standard API connections.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Enables businesses to have a clear visibility of their inventory.

Mobility Solution For Simplifying Put-away and Picking Operations Inside The Warehouse

Improve Put-away Functions

Ensure Picking Accuracy

Real Time Inventory Visibility

Barcode Scanning / QR Code


BassamH. ManagementConsultant

Very nice and the support team is very helpful and they have a lot of solution for us in different scenarios.

Leroy v.

Logix ERP is a user friendly ERP which allows room for customization and has a lot of modules available for your business needs. They have a mobile application available for courier delivery, a merchant portal for your customers to create orders, check their dashboard and much more, API’s available to automate tasks and a Warehouse Management System.


This ERP system is futuristic and exciting, we have a better control over the distribution and inventories which helps us to keep a better and accurate view of the inventory count

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