Logistics ERP for GCC


Logistics ERP for GCC

The Middle East logistics industry is set to be growing since the modern physical infrastructure is spreading across the region including upcoming railway network.

GCC logistics is at the crossroads and it is likely to get the most benefit from strongly emerging trading activities between Asia, Africa, Europe and GCC countries.

UAE logistics market valuations touched $27 billion in 2015, driven by an increase in import and export trade volume. Analysis shows that economic growth across FMCG and automobile sectors will also escalate demand for logistics services in the UAE.

The falling oil price is due to the overproduction by US and Saudi Arabia led increasing demand of logistics and transportations solution in the GCC.

Another factor which differentiate GCC logistics and renders a huge platform for logistics and SCM is their domestic manufacturing industries and their diverse interest to operate their own logistics and transportation.

1. Logistics opportunities In the UAE :

This position on the globe has cemented Dubai and the UAE’s place as a leading sea-air multimodal transport hub in the world – a cost-effective transport mode that provides considerable savings in transit time and freight cost, compared to pure sea freight or air freight mode. Sea-air allows transit time of only 15 to 17 days from origin port to a destination airport, and savings on cost of as much as 50% compared to pure airfreight.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Oman will remain the biggest market contributors (a combined 85 per cent share) to the value of the GCC logistics sector, especially for Dubai’s successful bid to host World Expo 2020. The emirate has allocated a total of AED 31.7 billion to build and develop its infrastructure and improve its logistics facilities in the run up to the Expo.

2. Hawling Challenges in Logistic Industry :

GCC approached problems of logistics industries in different ways. Some have stuck to the traditional model of producing, packaging and storing product at site and shipping it to the market once orders have been received. The problem with this is the delivery time, as it can take up to two months to ship product from the Middle East to Asia, by which time prices could have changed two or three times.

The GCC-wide rail network will be a game changer in the regional transportation network and will impact the current players in the logistics market, especially with land transportation. E-commerce is expected to be challenging and will play a significant role in the years ahead especially for the fast growing retail sector with cross border transactions and demanding timely deliveries.

A challenge stands at it’s place for the investors or new Logistics service providers in GCC because of the presence of domestic industries and their large network and logistics infrastructure. Until a new Logistic Service Provider gets an effective and next generation solution, their business can not penetrate the existing logistics providers of GCC.

3. Technology Is Solving Key Logistics Challenges :

The business of logistics in the Middle East now depends on an easy flow of information. Latest technology makes possible to improve market logistics operations by linking up the members of supply chain through communication network which allows to share essential market information; results increase in productivity and reduce lead time.

Nowadays modern technology is able to generate billing and documentations online to reduce the number of paperwork and make less complex paperwork even a smooth logistics solution enables an easy way to reverse duty and taxes on exchanges and returns.

Companies can streamline and create new efficiency through the implementation of the latest advanced and integrated technologies to ensure consistency with international best practices which will help to monitor and visualize the shipments during the transit time across globe, especially when a shipment gets carried out by different logistics providers to reach its destination can be tracked down in a single centralized system.

In few countries like China and other GCC countries where different official languages are preferably used apart from English. New age logistics solution available in multi-lingual can be a phenomenal to drive business as it support individuals to work in their local language.

4. LogixGRID Technologies’ offers next generation Logistics CLOUD to overcome key logistic challenges :

LogixERP is a unique CLOUD based all in one solution for logistics which can be accessed from anywhere using Computer or Mobile Phone. LogixERP features or tools are designed to meet the requirement of logistic company of any size to efficiently and effectively manage their AIR, Road, Sea Logistics. LogixERP bring together Accounts and Financial planning integrated with Logistics operation.

LogixERP Mobility Platform offers number of mobility solutions running on Mobile, Rugged & Wearable to keep field workforce connected to the system and helps to remove inefficiency in transshipment operation.

Well integrated with 3rd party system or eCommerce websites it’s provide a seamless flow of information – Ensure internal and external clients are always have the latest information/update.

Fully support the GCC logistics requirement with features specific design to handle the logistics requirements of working in different free zones or transportation through international borders. Its available in English and Arabic and its Accounting system support GCC currencies.

The impact of LogixERP is so overwhelming that it’s hard to discern exactly what it is changing since it’s an integrated tool within the system. LogixERP is essential to get the most value out of operations like –

  • Real time pricing to understand the price of every logistics elements of supply chain.
  • Eliminate multiple WMS and TMS system.
  • Accurate merge in transit model.
  • Resource flexibility which makes accessible to entire team regardless of location or time.

4. How Logix ERP could support logistics management in achieving your KPIs?

  • Shipment / Package scanning at every transshipment point
  • On-Time Receiving
  • On-Time shipping and delivery
  • Order Accuracy
  • Inventory Accuracy

300+ modules of LogixERP broadly categorized into Administration; Operation; Fleet Management; Planning; Routing & tracking; customization; Last & First Mile Logistics; Account; Financial Planning; Trip Management; WMS; Insurance management; Customer Care.

Already Express, Courier & Full-Truck logistics companies in UAE & Saudi are managing their business through LogixERP. Availability of local support and deployment team based out in GCC countries offer clients, an easy access to any support required for running the ERP in their organization.


Online Customer Support

Customer is the base of building a business and in this competitive market, service to the customer is the most important thing. There are several companies which have fallen down because of their poor customer service but that has become traditional now. Customer buy products later, first keep inquiry about post service. Different clients would have different mind set and instances about doing business, nonetheless a solution is required which would bring a new way of selling and giving support to the customers.

What would be the revolutionary way giving client support and gathering clients?

Introducing PULSE which can invite all the customers on a single platform though each and every customer would have been treated with same priority.

Pulse is a comprehensive application which ensures customer satisfaction by providing an adaptable and wieldy customer service solution. Pulse will help users to improve business network without disrupting it.

Pulse application comes up with an extra ordinary help-desk solution for the customers, which includes support ticket system, live chat. This Application helps business to engage all the customers over a digital click increasing efficiency and productivity.

Pulse allows checking out product catalogue with prices where user can create an order online having well-spring information about products and live 24 hours support system makes it easy to deal with and ensure the explicit business communication.

Pulse enables access of multi account login though one mobile phone where there are options to add products into the server and live chat tool to get support instantly.

Pulse application is a user friendly which automatically calculates cost of units and shows every order instantly in an invoice form. Every product can be demonstrated with full description with images and developed with deep knowledge of customer relationship management and core sales concept.


Mobile Solution

LogixGrid provides solutions for enterprise mobility to maximize the potential of their services by enabling business transformation and effective customer engagement. Mobile technologies has been expanding at an rapid pace. Mobile solutions can optimize business processes and generate new business. Mobile solutions also helps in Maximizing productivity and business by continuous access to enterprise information, anytime, anywhere.

SaaS ERP for Logistics



LogixERP is a Cloud based ERP designed specifically for the logistics. ERP comes with various integrated modules which enable end-to-end management of logistic business.

Every organization is the ERP is classified based on their primary business – Courier; Transportation; Warehousing; Freight Forwarding. Based on the business different modules & features gets auto-activated in the ERP.

So whatever is your logistic business, LogixERP is ready to manage it.


Cloud Based Technology

Lots been written & predicted; how Cloud is re-shaping the business. Cloud is no longer seen as a cheap alternate, its now actively receiving focus from CIOs & CEOs. Small & Medium business (SMB) were the early adopter of Cloud products and still the biggest. From SMB Cloud offers easiness to have state-of-the-art IT infrastructure managing their business.

As per study conducted by Oxford Economics 79% of respondent feels Cloud apps will increase their productivity, 69% feels Cloud apps will bring Innovation & Speed to their processes.

Companies across globe are equally vocal that Cloud has made IT a strategic partner of the business. With Cloud deployment companies are realizing the competitive-advantage gains through improved innovation and collaboration.

If you exploring how Cloud could be adopted in your company, Submit your details LogixGRID Cloud consultants will analyze your requirement to come with a customized solutions for your requirement.


Logistics moving to cloud

Mobility With Cloud :

Till 2011, Cloud was considered to be a marketing hype and not much of companies were interested in it. However, lately companies has started realizing the benefits that cloud products will bring to them. Cloud based products offer benefits like Cost Advantage, Visibility into Cash Outflow, Quick Turnaround, Internal IT Operations Effectiveness etc.

Cloud products are giving company competitive advantages with their capability to analyze large data, communicate with multiple systems. As per the Study conducted by IBM [study] companies adopting cloud products reporting nearly double the revenues and profit growth of those that are more cautious about using cloud.

Cloud promise a lot of innovation to Logistics industry. The Biggest advantage cloud products brings to logistics is “Connectivity”. Cloud solutions could bring full Supply-Chain to a single platform and easily take-away the chaos; manual intervention of multi-vendor/multi-department coordination. As mentioned by Tom Boike, vice president of supplier management with UPS “With Cloud the benefits are substantial. Cloud technology can enable better networking throughout an organization, as well as across supply chains. It can provide a higher level of connectivity and visibility – essential qualities for complex global operations.” [link]

Logistic companies across globe have successfully migrated to Cloud based Transport Management System (TMS).

2. Benefits offered by Cloud TMS :

Be Current And Upgrade To Latest Version : Upgrading software is necessary to remain supported and competitive in business. Delaying the upgrade actually adds to more cost. Cloud based offerings can take care of cost and upgrade issues to a large extent. Moving TMS to a cloud service provider enables companies to be current with latest technologies and more importantly takes away the pains of upgrades, hot-fixes, patches, bugs and support issues.

Low Entry Cost : Companies need not buy long term licenses, support and continuous upgrades. With Cloud TMS, companies pay based on number of users using the system. Subscription based model provides greater flexibility of adjusting the cost as per usage. With low entry cost, companies saves a Big amount in adopting Cloud TMS – thus minimizing the risk of migration from existing TMS to Cloud TMS.

Inter-Connectivity : Cloud TMS comes with various connector to be connected with 3rd party solutions. These connectors help logistic company to have auto-syncing of data across vendors, customer & supplier system. Cloud TMS comes with various Mobile applications which makes logistic companies more competitive as they are always connected anytime, anywhere.

Effective Internal IT operations : A cloud offering typically provides all the services which internal IT department offers to business in order to maintain the business continuity. With cloud, IT can now spend more time and energy and focus on more strategic tasks driving business benefits like innovations, monitoring KPIs, BI reporting etc.


cloud solution

Computer system has always been the backbone of the logistics. In last century, since logistics has gain attention of business across industry, IT has always been a integrated part of it.

As the technology has advanced Logistics is always in front-foot in adopting latest technologies. Customer’s requirements expressed whether in terms of reliability, transparency, flow, payments, and international connectivity have put some tremendous pressure on logistics companies to innovate their services using IT.

Cloud Computing & Mobility has taken IT adoption in logistics to another level. Mobile technology has created a virtual logistics landscape where people and products move without limits – around warehouses, facilities, networks and the world – transforming customer relationships and business operations.

The typical logistics applications include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Transportation Management Systems (TMS).These applications represent standardized processes that should focus on accuracy, consistency, economies of scale and efficiency. Cloud based logistics software various advantages which were not available with traditional softwares. Cloud based Logistics ERP/TMS/WMS offers –

Be Current And Upgrade with latest technologies : Upgrading software applications is necessary to remain supported and competitive in business. Delaying the upgrade actually adds to more cost. Cloud based offerings can take care of cost and upgrade issues to a large extent. Moving ERP to a cloud service provider enables companies to be current with latest technologies and more importantly takes away the pains of upgrades, hot-fixes, patches, bugs and support issues.

Low Entry Cost / Capital Cost Saving : Further, in majority of cases, on-premise model is under-utilized as businesses maintains extra capacity to take care of future demand, spikes and month-end processing etc., which leads to lower utilization and thus increased cost. A cloud service provider uses economies of scale in shared resources mode, resulting in a win-win situation for both – cloud ERP providers and users.

Pay as you use : Companies need not buy long term licenses, support and continuous upgrades. With cloud, companies pay based on number of users using the system. Subscription based model provides greater flexibility of adjusting the cost as per usage. A subscription based model can be opted which would be billed per month based on usage – number of users, duration, transactions etc. In essence, this moves a sizable capital expense to operating expense, providing greater flexibility and streamlines case flow.

LogixERP is a 100% Cloud based logistic solution which offers integrated TMS, WMS & ERP.


Manage Mobile Apps

LogixGRID Technologies come-up with 2 innovative Android based mobile solutions (Pickup Manager & Mobi Delivery) for managing field boys in eCommerce, Express & Courier companies. Managing field boys will become lot more easier with LogixGRID Mobile apps. Both applications are developed on LogixGRID Technologies proprietary Mobile framework, giving them the power to be customized to any specific requirement of an organisation and be able to integrate with any online ERP system.

1. MobiDelivery :

MobiDelivery offers tools required for managing last-mile delivery operation. Integrated with LogixERP, it provide seamless exchange of information between the back end office and delivery boy. Delivery boy will be able to use the app for –

  • Receive details of deliveries schedule for the day
  • Take customer receipt using e Signature
  • Manage COD collected
  • Geo tracking of delivery boy

2. Pickup Manager :

App for managing pickups requests. Pickup Manager comes with back end dashboard which provide LIVE tracking of every pickup requests received and its execution. The system could integrate with 3rd party website, mobile apps for getting details of pickup requests. eCommerce logistic companies could use the system for vendor pickups or reverse pickups.

  • Auto-assigning of pickup requests based on pin code
  • Centralized monitoring of pickups executed across different offices
  • Auto-alerts to pickup boy on availability of new pickups
  • Daily email to manager on day’s progress


Cloud Based Logistics ERP

LogixERP is been developed in close coordination with active industry players, the logistics ERP solution addresses the most complex issues faced by companies, whether big or small. Its only few of the web based business solution available globally which can runs on PC and Mobile.

LogixGRID Technology, a company founded by team having extensive prior work experience with companies like Google, CISCO & Juniper, and other with management experience gained from working in India’s leading Transport and Express companies. Company, with a rare insight into the Transport & Logistics industry is into the development of innovative solutions which are based on Cloud Computing and Mobile technologies.

LogixERP is the flagship product launched by the company. The ERP has been developed for managing all the activities performed on a day-to-day basis in a transport company. It integrates and streamlines transportation planning, executing, freight payment, and business process automation on a single application.

Key Features :

MobiDelivery offers tools required for managing last-mile delivery operation. Integrated with LogixERP, it provide seamless exchange of information between the back end office and delivery boy. Delivery boy will be able to use the app for –

  • Access anywhere, even on mobile.
  • No capital investment required in software or hardware.
  • Lowest cost of ownership. Pay for only what you use with no monthly commitment.
  • Multi-lingual & Multi-currency support.
  • Application become more intelligent everyday. The system learn from each transation and makes future judgement based on previous transactions.

With the availability of the ERP on SAAS (Software As A Service) model, its very favourable for SME companies to adopt it. And already companies in US, Middle-East & India are using the ERP for managing their business.


Sales Automation Tool

Mobile For Sales Force Automation (SFA) Give your Sales team Tools to perform :

  • Recording meeting notes at the client’s end is best, not after few hours later in back office or in a hotel.
  • Improved data quality as Sales Rep is using the smart phone when an event is occurring or has just occurred.
  • Enhance Sales Rep image. Using Mobile app for business project sales rep as being forward thinkers and problem solver.
  • Sales Rep will use their smart phones from the time they get up until they go to bed at night. So, if you can provide access to information, proactive alerts, and improved ability to connect to customers and employees, salespeople will take advantage of it.
  • Greater visibility throughout the sales organization.

Designed around the daily activities of the Sales Rep App is designed for the sales rep to easily record his daily activities; submit his reports quickly; access record in few clicks. It is a mobile cloud based global logistics solution which is widely useful for third party logistics Companies.

Expenses approval system Mobile based Order System Submit order details to your enterprise sales system from client location Advance reporting to monitor Sales Rep performance GPRS based attendance system Role based leave approval system.